I came into coaching and therapy because I went through a time I needed help.  I found traditional therapy and medical interventions were not for me.  It lacked a solution to my pain, a little clinical, and restrictive at times.  My medical practitioner felt my physical symptoms didn’t warrant psychological help, instead, prescribed pills.

This is when I decided to seek help for myself. NLP coaching effectively helped with my career as a project manager, so I decided to train and further develop other psychological theories, practices, and interventions to best support myself.

Through my healing using all that I know.  I believe anyone can change any aspect of their life, with the right help, tools, intervention. I offer all that I know to help you in your healing journey, where I am privileged and honoured to work with you to reduce the length of your journey to be where you want to be faster than I had.

If I can overcome burn-outs, limiting physical symptoms, and trauma with the right support – you can too.  The process that’s changed my life is not limited, its quick, effective and it is deep from within the recess of the unconscious mind – and you can overcome, change and create anything you want.

My Coaching and Therapy Practice

I bring passion and commitment to my coaching and therapy practice supporting people in companies as well as privately.  My approach is not clinical, it is insightful and powerful in understanding and grasping the subtleties that interfere with my client’s potential to succeed in their personal and professional lives.

I believe that my client’s personal and professional lives are inseparable from each other; both are impacted by positive change through our sessions.  My creative and unique ability to improve my client’s performance, health, and success in any or all areas of life is by connecting you to your inner or intuitive wisdom.

Every person or organisation I work with is individual; the coaching and therapy are bespoke. The process is result orientated based on many years of experience successfully with a proven track record of using both modern and traditional healing modalities with my clients. All sessions are measurable and regularly monitored to keep track of each goal or area of life we agree to work on. My work about the active change taking whether it is overcoming the past, healing the body, or planning a business takeover. I tailor to my clients’ needs, offer proven tools, and tested techniques that give the best outcome for each person.

Providing support to people from all walks of life. I specialise in helping people achieve their full potential by integrating holistic wellness of the mind-body and emotions, with a focus on connecting the unconscious with the conscious and vice versa – to the all power in you and unlock your the full potential, wisdom, knowledge, abilities, and skills in you.

Coaching, Counselling, Psychotherapy and NLP-Hypnosis Therapy Experience

I have 7 years of practical clinical experience working with sexual health-related problems, coming out, immigration, financial challenges, and living with life-threatening diseases at the Terrence Higgins Trust, London. Further, 8 years hands-on experience at a private medical GP center in Hampstead having gained a wide range of clients experiencing life difficulties from generalised anxieties and depression, relationship, abuse, trauma, fears, addiction, and stress, including multiple mental health diagnosed clients to come off pharmacological treatments. In addition to working with work challenges and business problems.

As well as being a practitioner for Healthcare Management, of Overland Health working with accident victims and trauma-based clients in private practice since 2004.

I am a registered accredited BACP member, a healthcare provider for the major UK and International health insurance companies, and can see clients through their health plans.  I hold a limited liabilities insurance and Enhanced DBS certified.

My life long learning and development and self-healing journey continues developing new ideas, concepts, models, and theories to most benefit myself and my clients bringing the old and new and innovative ways to heal and take control of our lives better.

When I am not working doing what I love, I spend time with my two children and my partner.  And enjoy travelling, speed boating, kite flying, gliding, and when I have the opportunity to fly in light small aircraft.

How I Can Help

I am here for you, to help you make a difference in your life. If you resonate to work with me, you can contact me to ask a question or find out how I can help on  07985 387 021 or email me in the strictest confidence.

I am very much looking forward to hearing from you.