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If you want to improve your quality of life, both personally and professionally, then coaching can help you.


Coaching provides a framework of defined tasks and goals to help you maximise your skills and abilities. As a coach, I will provide you with regular reviews, feedback and questions to help you reach your full potential.


Are you wanting to find your purpose and direction in life?

Do you want to overcome obstacles in your path?

Do you want to increase your self-confidence and

improve your self-esteem?

Do you want to take your work or business to the next level?

Or do you just want to change your life and need some support and motivation along the way?


What is coaching?


Coaching is about you taking action based on the goals you want to achieve and being held accountable for actually doing those actions. Making life changes can be hard and the support, encouragement and accountability I offer as a coach will make it easier to achieve the outcome you’re looking for.


How does coaching work?


In each session we’ll look at what you want to achieve, the challenges you need solutions for and review the successes you’ve achieved. Sometimes you may need to look into your past as it informs your current belief system, and may be the key to the changes you need to make.


I will support you and keep you focused on achieving your goals by ensuring you have the space and time you need dedicated to you and your future success. I’ll be holding you accountable throughout the coaching process to ensure you’re putting what you learn into practice.


Why should I come to you for coaching?


I bring a wealth of experience with proven successes from both my personal life and professional career. As your coach I want to improve your quality of life, cultivate confidence and keep you motivated along the path of unlocking your potential.


"Helped me focus and essentially relax about my problem - put everything in perspective.  Increased my confidence, and got me a pay rise!  Vanessa is amazing - so calm, so focused and has a range of tools and interventions, nothing phases her!  Certainly recommend her and already have."

- PF, Finance Director, UK


As your coach, I’m dedicated to you and to your ultimate success.


To find out more about coaching and how it will enhance your life, get in touch with me on 07985 387 021.





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