…Vanessa has helped me increase my salary by double digits. Partner at a $2.5bn global company

Are you having money problems, difficulties or just unhappy about your financial circumstances?

In my coaching and therapy practice almost everyone has a relationship with money in one way or another.  Some people have a lot of money, others have enough money, whilst many struggle having any, but in common everyone wants more money.

The number one concern people tend to have is money.  Most of the other problems people have are in some way connected to the lack of money.  Money affects us all in different ways and almost all relationship break-downs because of money, work problems occur because of money, health problems are caused because of money.  Lack of money is a major cause of depression, anxieties, worries, fears, dependency, backaches,  heart-attacks and even suicide.

We know for fact money does not make us “happy”, but money can help and support us live a better life. Money would make most people “happier”, when you can pay your bills and have money for the things you want and the lifestyle you seek becomes possible, would you not be happier, freer and healthier a lot more than not having the money you want?

Most people are disillusioned about money, the nature of money, how to get money and how to how to keep it flowing and growing in our lives. And have you wondered why only 8 of the world’s richest billionaires have the same wealth as 50% of the global population?

My money coaching and therapy is for everyone who wants to change their financial situation or desires to earn and have more with a focus on the belief that we should all be prosperous, successful and have money. The process of my money coaching and therapy works on three levels that integrate and entwine within our lives on three levels:

  • the material
  • the psychological
  • the spiritual

Much of the work includes:

  • Undoing the teachings of our forefathers, teachers and religious doctrines we have received since the beginning of time that have made it their business to create and accept lack of wealth and poverty in return for spiritual favours after we pass on.  In the meantime, some people are living heaven-on-earth, whilst many experience hell-on-earth.
  • The level of clearing money issues goes deeper than our present circumstances. This is because throughout history money has been used worldwide for destructive, controlling and evil purposes. Some people carry through their DNA heavy karmic debts that have been left from war, general greed and caused harm to self and others.
  • Further eradicating the obstacles to our financial wellbeing is possible in removing or changing the capped unconscious limitations on our financial prosperity and the notion that some individuals’ economic state is limited or flourishes due to the country they come from, their cultural background, or social and environmental experiences.

Since I started my first job I realised I have actually never earned more than £25,000. Since undergoing money therapy my income has tripled with additional passive income from four other sources bringing in above and beyond my expectations.  I would recommend if you like me want more and your stuck in the same income bracket – this is a therapy for you to welcome more money in your life. – Nicola, Sports Coach

Changing these strong and powerful beliefs from the foundations of our current financial circumstances will open a world of peace, health, happiness, wealth and success.

The inner work through Counselling and NLP involves:

  • clarify what you want
  • strengthen your belief
  • deserve what you want
  • value what you have

In addition, there is a need to overcome or change thought patterns to clear the past, present and future money beliefs and limitations to open your mindset with ideas, skills, and knowledge to bring about your gifts and money that belongs to you.  Within the money therapy we further focus through meditation and visualisation to increase your ability to manifest.

Working with me will shake up your mind, thoughts, feelings and your behaviours about money like no other experience if you are willing to do what needs to be done. If you put half into the therapy you will get half the result.  To change your financial circumstances in 40 days you need to have a 100% commitment to the process we agree on.  My aim is for you to pay your bills too, meet our needs and foremost for you to enjoy your wealth and health.

Money therapy will help you if you are:

  • Struggling to make ends meet
  • Always in a cycle using your overdraft or credit cards each month
  • Have debts you are unable to clear
  • Borrowing money from friends and family
  • Unable to have the home, car, holidays and luxuries you want
  • Break the financial limitations in your business or work income
  • Dependent on a relationship for your money or you have others dependent on your finance.
  • Unhappy about your money situation or you simply want to
  • Increase your money more

With your 100% commitment, the changes will be profound and you will experience new ways of thinking, being and doing. If you are ready I would be honoured to support you in your journey to change and increase your financial circumstances.

To find out more, or you have a questions about  money therapy you can email or call 07985 387 021 at anytime.