Our body consists of 65-75% water. Many people, like myself, forget to replenish this throughout the day. When we are stressed, depressed, anxious and busy we become dehydrated quicker than most people. Our body and mind needs water to keep us focused, mentally strong, physically motivated, and psychologically balanced. Our physical body will show signs of a lack of water via dry and itchy skin, hair and nail damage, kidney stones, and through our behaviours and emotions. These are just a few symptoms and effects.

I know a lot of people who drink water. But the water is often left next to a computer or phone where radiation seeps into it which counteracts the benefits. As well as this, plastic bottles release cancerous and harmful chemicals.

However, even though we have to live in a society where even tap water is not completely safe due to fluoride and other chemicals, and unsafe plastic bottled water is easily accessible to carry around with us, it is still important to drink water.

Here are some things you can do to improve water quality and encourage drinking it throughout the day:

  • You can boil water and carry it in a safer container (check the packaging and the materials used in it to confirm that it’s safe for water to be exposed to).
  • Keep it away from phones, computers, and electrical appliances.
  • Affirm and empower the water with positive thoughts as you drink it. This is an old tradition in most cultures and religions. Water is prayed upon to receive blessings and healing. You don’t have to be religious to benefit from this practice.

Try to bring your thoughts throughout the day to drinking water using these actions to remind yourself and build a habit that’s healthier and will make you feel good:

  • Before sending an email or phoning somebody
  • Before going into a meeting
  • Before going to the bathroom
  • Before, during and after eating
  • Before leaving the house, and when you return home (instead of reaching for a glass of wine)
  • Before going to bed and upon waking up

Check yourself after a week to take note of any improvements you have experienced mentally, emotionally, and physically. It’s worth the time.

If you don’t plain and simple water, you can always add lemons, fruits, mint, and any natural flavourings (coffee and tea are not a substitute for drinking water).

If you are finding it difficult or have a lack of bladder control, don’t hesitate to give me a shout. You will find after a week or two your bladder will become stronger; if you suffer from acne and dry skin you may find an improvement; headaches should become less frequent and you may find yourself needing less medication too.

Finally, here are some links to show some benefits of drinking water, as well as how water can be empowered by yourself:

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