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Post: April 2016

Is your soul drawing you to want greater and better things for you?

Your heart is always calling you to your soul’s purpose and to better yourself, your finances and your relationships.  It draws you to want more for yourself, and continues you to want more for yourself.

What stops you achieving your heart and soul’s purpose is your mind.  Your mind gets in the way because your mind has thoughts.  Your thoughts go against yourself, your heart and soul.  If you don’t have thoughts that go against you, you will then only have thoughts that are for you.

From the moment of conception we are never taught how to think, everyone tells us what to think.  These thoughts are conditioned from parents, carers, siblings, religious and social environments we experience all have conditioned you to be and what to think. 

Until you start working with your inner-self, your inner- voice, your inner-power and start listening and strengthening those parts of yourself, your whole thoughts continue to be driven by others.  These conditioned thoughts need to be replaced by your own thoughts to work for you and not against you, so it does not hold you back or slow you down anymore. 

By aligning your mind thoughts you will truly experience fulfilment of your heart and soul's desire.  You will experience being the best you can be and be absolutely true to yourself allowing you to be true to you.  You can experience and achieve unlimited confidence and endless success at the tip of your mind-thoughts that is in your own control and not in someone elses.

In order to make this change we need to cleanse the current debilitating effects of your past and current thoughts that effects you mentally, emotionally and physically.  Then to replace or eradicate the old thoughts and to keep them out in order to manifest and align to the new reality. This is done through a process using:

- Breathing exercises

- Focused visualisations to connect to your inner-heart and soul

- Carrying out physical treatments where the energy is stubborn or blocked

- Daily de-stress exercises including regular meditation

- And using NLP Coaching to balance personal and professional life


If you have stopped yourself saying, doing or being the way you want be because of what you are thinking, or thinking what so and so might think, say or, you recognise you have conditioned mind thoughts getting in your way and, you would like to connect and eradicate your thoughts, your circumstances, your environment, your reality and even dis-ease with your own mind thoughts I very much welcome hearing you.




Post: January 2016


It has been a while since my last blog.  As well as working, I have been studying, learning new processes and looking after my two wonderful little ones.  As always I love to share what I learn with my wonderful clients and this year I am offering a new process and hence my blog message for 2016.

You may have tried many tools and techniques to manifest your ideas and goals.  Some may have worked and others failed or you haven’t achieved your desires fast enough or, you haven’t seen the changes in the years you have been working on them.  In today’s therapy it’s important for a therapist to support you to achieve things now. 

You need to do everything immediately, not later on.  You want money now, you want relationship now, you want health now, you want job now, you want help now.  By ending time it’s all possible, it is about living in the now and aligning with the universal time zone.    J Krishnamurti and Dr. David Bohm in the book, The Ending of Time said, “you can change everything instantaneously”.  Without eliminating your time zone, your beliefs, your karma, your struggles and frustrations are what is called “the content” delays the instantaneous manifestations of money, relationship, health, car, house and so on. 

The message is, and has been for Centuries don’t wait, get the help now, ditch the five year plan and have in your mind to create everything you want now.  Time is power! Time is of essence! It’s your time now, use all the resources of this wonderful Universe “immediately”, truly align with it now. 

All I need is you to agree to be open, try out exercises that may sound unusual, odd or you may have tried before.  The second most important aspect of instantaneous manifesting is your commitment to attending the sessions, and doing the regular and daily homework exercises that is vital in you having to do between our sessions.  We will work to remove past and current failures, karma, struggles and obstacles, attachments and anything else in the way of you aligning and manifesting instantaneously in any area of your life.

My passion is to support you in making your goals, your desires become a reality and I very much look forward to working with you in making your 2016 a success through my instantaneous manifestation programme.  For more information, please call or email me.



Post: December 2014


If you happen to experience the dread of Christmas or feeling the blues in January, why not get ready for the New Year without repeating the same feelings year in, year out, by taking the steps to change in the New Year 2015.

More and more people are becoming aware of the impact of "depression" having on their lives, affecting families, friends and colleagues too.  Sometimes we are not even sure what we're feeling, or are even ready to admit how its making us feel the way we feel.  And, nothing changes.  Its like sadness, anxieties mixed with fear all bundled in one and it's hard to snap out of the dark emptiness within...

It's not an easy journey to face what we feel, given the chance of therapy working from the inside of ourselves and using the tools that you can use between sessions can make a difference to lasting change. Talking therapy for 50 minutes can give a new light into what you feel, but without the practical tools, the feelings, behaviours and the problems still there. 

I offer a unique therapeutic process that allows you to experience change at the mental, emotional and physical levels and if you are ready to embrace 2015 and make a difference in your life through the combined use of NLP, Counselling and Coaching techniques you will experience change without a doubt. 

The offer is available to new clients... six sessions for £300, if you book by January 2015.  This is a limited offer and conditions apply.  For full details, please contact me 07985 387 021.  (This offer is available to anyone wanting a change in any aspect of your life, and not only to people experiencing depression).




Posted: April 2014

Hello again,


You may or may not be aware that your NHS care records kept by your GP and all Medical Practitioners will go on-line unless you opt out from Spring 2014. 

GP's in England will have to share all patient data with HSCIC (Health & Social Care Information Centre).  The message is that this will improve quality of care.  However, the data will not be shared with just the Medical Practitioners only, but will be available to secondary users ie., companies as well or anyone who would pay the NHS for copies of your records.

If you don't agree to go on-line then you can only opt out, otherwise all patients are automatically opted-in.  For further infromation on Care Data, check out the link

If you are interested in the price on your Care Data, check out the this link

If you don't want anyone to know your personal and medical records Opt Out without delay.



Posted: February 2014

Hello everyone, 


Since the last time I blogged, I have been very busy with my wonderful new addition to the family. As I now return to work  I have started a small Guided Meditation Group to focus on manifesting your goals through " thankfulness and gratitude".   We will be using NLP, Meditation Techniques and Visualistion. 

The meditation session are held once a month on a Sunday from 6.30pm - 8.00pm.  Followed by tea and a chance to talk or ask questions.  This is held at Wembley Park.  Free of charge and welcome donations towards the use of the room. 

To understand the power of of thankfulness and gratitude, you may be interested in reading more from the Author Rhonda Byrne's book where she explains the power of being grateful called "The Magic",

In addition, much research has been carried out by several institutions that have proven the many benefits you gain mentally, emotionally and physicall in your life through regular meditation.  For more information on this visit

If you are interested in attending the meditation group, booking must be made in advance as places are limited to only 5.  You do not need to have any experience in meditation to attend the group.

Upon booking please advise of any health conditions, fears, phobia or allergies you may have.

You can bring your own mats, pillows and blankets if you would like to sit or lie down. Otherwise chairs are available.

Off street parking is available.  No sessions are be held on event days at Wembely Parks due to parking restrictions.

For information and bookings please text or call 07985 387021




Posted: January 2012

Dear clients, friends and visitors, 


With the New Year brings new changes to our life, some expected and some unexpected surprises on its way that I have decided to start a Blog page for 2012. The aim of my Blog is to share some of my experiences and knowledge that I hope for people I am not able to work with personally can in someway benefit towards their journey to enhance their personal and professional life.

For my first entry, I cannot recommend enough the book by Sue Gerhardth, "Why Love Matters".  This is a book I believe can help anyone asking themselves why we feel, act and behave in a certain way may find some answers to their questions. In recommending this book I would like you to remember that no one individual can fit in a text book but it is a great book for any parent to be or are a parent already, for all teachers and nursery nurse staff as I appreciate "Why Love Matters" should be a mandatory read that can only help everyone in someway and those around us. 

My wish for this year is to have a greater understanding of the individuality, background and possible experiences each one of us have and I hope many of us will stop some very hurtful way we judge ourselves and others.  To become better at looking after our self and others, and this book I feel goes someway in great lengths to achieving my goals and trust you will find it helpful too.

Here are some interesting links and reviews you may want to have a look at, as well as where you can purchase the book from.

Wish you all a Very Happy New Year!!

Lots of Love and Best Wishes Vanessa


I would like to thank you for visiting my Blog Page and would like to ask if you have any feedback, comments, questions or would like to add anything to my Blog, please send me an email or phone 07985 387 021 I will be very interested to hear from you. 


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