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The testimonials below have been extracted from original client feedbacks received through email, text messages, written letters, notes and cards, or upon the completion of a feedback questionnaire.

These and many more original testimonials can be viewed for its “authenticity” upon request. Please note, personal details will be refrained when viewing in respect of client confidentiality.


"Hello Vanessa, you saw my son for a few sessions over the summer. He has since gone back to school, and the results on his school work has shown remarkable change.  Weekly test results even in his weak subject is scoring high %.  He is more motivated and looks forward to going to school.  His teachers have remarked upon his progress, and have seen a real change in him and his behaviour as we have at home too.  They have asked me to keep up whatever I am doing (not told them we saw you over the holidays) - thank you so much Vanessa." 

- Mum of a 12 year old.


Vanessa I want to thank you so much as since we did the chakra cleansing  exercise during my last session. With you pain in my left side is totally gone!
I was in a lot of pain before the session and as I walked out from your appointment room the pain had totally disappeared!!!

Thank you for all your support in changing my life! Best rgds.

- London Fashion Agent


"Hi Vanessa, many thanks for seeing xxxx.  At the moment things appear reasonably positive and she seems to have had a more settled week at college whilst still managing to see her old school friends as well.  She certainly seems to have lost the panic for the time being which is a huge relief.  I'm amazed really that she seemed to make changes so quickly.

I deliberately didn't ask her too much about her session as I just wanted to let it settle on a deeper level with her and I know she can find it hard to articulate everything. At the moment I think she wants to just see if she maintains the progress and then will hopefully come for a couple more sessions."  

- Mum of a 16 year old


"Thanks for your email, I have been doing very well, thank you.  I've been keeping up with my affirmations and some wonderful things are happening! I quit my awful job as you know and as if by magic, my boss in my other job offered me work on the other days of the week which I had free!  I also had an audition which couldn't have gone better.  The producer said to me as I left, "you have a great future".  So yes, some absolutely wonderful things happening!


I think at this stage I'm happy to continue doing my affirmations and see what other wonderful things life has in store for me.  Also, best of all, I believe we've had a breakthrough regarding my allergy.  I went to stay with my boyfriend's friends last month and a couple of the rooms in the house had just been painted.  I stayed there for 2 whole days and didn't have a reaction!  Now I'm not sure what paint they used, but the fear I had of having a reaction has now most definitely gone.  So in other words, the reason why I sought help from you in the first place has now been laid to rest. :)


I'll definitely be in touch if I feel need another session in the future.  Thank you so much for all of your hard work in helping me overcome the issues surrounding my allergy.  Its great to be free of the fear! many thanks." 

- L, London


"Hi Vanessa,  great session this week. The results are definitely coming! I was pencilled for a commercial today. It was my first commercial audition in 5 years! So thank you - I most certainly wouldn't be on this wonderful path without your help! :)"

- LB, Actress, London

"This is a testimonial for the two sessions of therapy I had with Vanessa.  I have been experiencing pain on my right shoulder for a few years.  This is exacerbated by my wonderful baby girl “Rottweiler” who is very strong and frequently pulls my arms unexpectedly when she’s excited or when she sees other dogs – as dog lovers will know.  This makes my shoulder/arm pain worse whereby I am in too much pain and unable to do any typing, cleaning or heavy lifting with my right arm - even when not using the arms there is always a constant pain.  The pain can be severe and had resorted to using my left arm.  After the first session with Vanessa my arm/shoulder pain had completely gone and I have been doing every day activities as normal including still walking my baby girl three times a day! 

  The second session I had with Vanessa, I addressed the fact “I didn’t have enough time in the day” always felt time rushing by and not getting enough done or things left uncompleted.  This has not been an issue since the session, and just realise I never feel like that anymore and don’t even mention it as I used to constantly worry about time – I had actually forgotten I had this problem at all until Vanessa asked if I would write a testimonial of my experience of therapy with her and realised I actually have plenty of time for everything I need to get done – its like time has expanded miraculously!"

- BR, Business Woman, London


"I feel so much better after the session, thank you."

- SS, Nottinghill, London


"Thank you for teaching me that there is always a hidden reason for health problems.  That they can be resolved by understanding what the root cause of it is.  It's all in the mind when the body is out of ease.  You are so good at helping me find these reasons and resolving them efficiently.  Whenever my body has been out of tune or my parts of my body in pain, sessions with you has always removed the symptoms.  I'm very grateful that you recently helped me with the dizziness I was feeling the mornings.  This was related to an event that happened few weeks ago with a colleague at work and since your session the dizziness has completely gone now. Thank you."

- GB, Sweden


"Dear Vanessa, I am really grateful and thankful that I found you 5 years ago and that I still have the pleasure of having you as my therapist. You have this incredible ability to understand where root problems come from and you always find the quickest and most efficient way to resolve them and work through issues. I have really learned a lot about myself and dare to say become a better and happier person from our sessions. Not only have you successfully guided me through the path of working with my issues, but you have also taught me how to resolve thing by myself. You have also taught me how to think clear and listen to my inner voice so that I can make right decisions for myself.


Through our sessions you have taught me to think big and to expand my imagination to attract what I want. I was just doing a calculation and found that by working with thinking big and pushing limits in our sessions, my salary has actually increased by 600% since I started with you. Thank you for showing me how to dream.


I thank the stars that I met you and I’m looking forward to achieving ever bigger and greater things with you in the years to come."

- GB, Assistant Director, Dubai


"Hi Vanessa, I am so greatful I found you as a therapist... I really feel so much better when we talk and more positive about things... And considering how down I have been and immensely sad... Your sessions have really helped reduce that and made me think more positively."

- AD, Accountant, UK


"Hi Vanessa, I have experienced so many changes through the work we've done that it would be hard to summarise!

The first significant one was with my period.  Always struggled with pain, mood swings and all the associated symptoms, we first tackled that and for a very long period of time my symptoms almost dispeared or were greatly reduced, also I think we've manifested my life in Australia, cleared a lot of negativity from the past including relationships and I am now happily in one with a guy who feels perfect for me, and also changed my perception of how I think about difficult situatios and provided tools to manage them when they occur.

Actually would really like to arrange some more sessions with as I think one of the main things that has changed is my level of awareness and also my understanding/connection with my higher self/inner power whatever the term is - I would look to start taht again sometime in March if that's OK.

I religiously protect myself everyday and also constantly watch my thoughts and change them when I catch them BUT I still struggle with burning out & finding a balance, exhaustion, Illness, Getting affected by external situations/people. 

I also just signed my contract today so I have full time employment and much better pay so things feel they are steadily improving I just have to be careful with with my energy." 

- AS, Studio Manager, Australia


"Dear Vanessa, I enjoyed our sessions and my sister, at least, says that she has noticed the difference.  Apparently I am less glum than before.  The sessions gave me a better understanding of the people and circumstances that have inflenced me.  They gave me ideas as to how I could be more successful and make better use of my time.  Lastly, they started to make me think that there were aspects of reality which cannot be perceived by our usual senses.  Of course, no matter in what state I was in on arrival, on departure I always felt calm and a little wiser." 

- CA, Director, Entrepeneur, Greece


"I am seeing amazing results with my confidence and its growing everyday.  My boss and staff team members are surprised how quickly I have taken the new leadership role naturally, as I feared I might come across too confident and disliked and most of all they would know "am a fake" - I truely feel I am now in CONTROL". 

- CJ, Retail Marketing Manager, UK


"Thank you for all your support this year.  The work you have done with me has grown my confidence no end, and has given me a lot to look forward to in 2014." 

- AC, Online Production Manager, UK


"I am feeling a lot better after our last session. I really feel like it was a big hurdle & I am so glad I have tackled it. I walked out of your place & immediately felt a difference, lights were brighter & clearer, sounds were more crisp & I felt like a fog had been lifted that I didn't even know was there. Just wanted to say thank you. After so many trials and errors with other therapists am so glad I met you."

- KL, Solicitor, UK


"I am immensely grateful for the help you gave me during the year. I am definitely not the same I used to be. You not only helped me solve my problems, but you also gave me the tools to live a happy and a balanced life. I wish you all the very best…"

- MxB - Designer, France


"I have also thought a lot of your methodology and the good things you taught me all along the year. I really believe I grew up a lot during this time. My relationship with xxxx is definitively the most beneficiary of it and I'll thank you immensely for that."

- MB - Private Banking, Switzerland


"The sessions were brilliant, at times tuff but helped me put things into perspective. I felt so much calmer when I left and the tightness in my chest had gone. I also sleep much better since the sessions and eating doesn't make me feel ill anymore, even though I am a chef you never judged me for my distain towards eating."

- GM, Chef, UK


"I've put quite a few of the things we spoke about into practice at work and it seems to be making a hudge differnce. Also we've had go-ahead for more resources (and Mr Angry has got a new role!) So things are getting better - thank you."

- NH, Project Manager, Investment Banking, UK


"My GP recommended you and I still did not think it would work. (I saw many privately and NHS specialists) so I was very sceptical because they did not work. Working with you at times had been a challenge but you really supported me with my difficulties. The biggest difference you have made is I no longer want to commit suicide and I have not even thought of it since our last session. The change brings much joy to our life – I also realise therapy works when the right approach is used and you never put a label to my condition… Thank you, thank you so much."

CT-M, Mother, UK


"I firmly believe that coming to you before I split with xxxx made me strong enough to see that it was the right thing to do and didn't leave me devastated like I once thought it would. I haven't felt depressed since November and just seem to be in a totally different frame of mind now, which is also a big achievement. Thank you so much for your help…"

- NW, Marketing Manager, UK


"I have the sparkle back in my life. I would highly recommend Vanessa to anyone, with any problem under the sun. Vanessa has genuine warmth, integrity and an open heart. You can share any problem, thought or feeling with Vanessa, even if you have never shared it with anyone before."

- AP - Public Servant, UK


"I came for Vanessa’s support and help in accepting my situation and condition of not registering my emotions and feelings of disorientation. I now feel more confident in myself and am able to go to places on my own."

- MT - Artist, UK


"I lost my will to live, had anger management problems and was unable to stabilise my life and not be able to see the future. After sessions: able to control anger, started to make friends again. Managed to get stability, keep accommodation and work regularly until I plan my next move."

- HdP, ex-British Soldier, UK


"Came to see Vanessa about my anxiety related to exams, came to work on dealing with / eliminating symptoms. Unable to sleep, loss of appetite, general fear of failing, not being good enough, body chills, nausea – achieved general calmness, elimination of all my symptoms after three sessions. Helped me to relax and allow me to apply this to different situations. Didn’t think it would take effect so quickly. Really helpful, Vanessa was approachable and easy to talk to!"

- SG - Student, Cambridge


"It was great my fear of flying was gone in just two sessions! Guy’s if you fly a lot like me – stop taking medication, go for a session with Vanessa and get cured!"

- M, Musician, UK


"It was a good way to give me focus when I felt lost. It was more positive than I’d hoped.  Most of all surprised within a short time of working with you I started getting acting jobs in television, theatres and even voice overs when all my colleagues, teachers, and friends including family said I would never make it in the industry - what you can achieve when you remove the baggage and REALLY focus - amazing - thank you!."

- JC - Actor, UK


"Have stopped taking sexual risks. Learnt more about myself than I thought and also learnt strategy for dealing with emotional, mental and psychological issues which would be helpful in the future."

- THT, Unemployed, UK


"There are good stress and bad - I don’t even know what bad S.T. R. E.S.S is since coming to see you, it’s been great – Thank you!"

- DA, Accountant, Singapore




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