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Morning Vanessa, I have been meaning to contact you way before I made these referrals but each time I kept forgetting and life just got hectic….and then I made these referrals and still kept thinking I need to email you!!! So firstly thank you for emailing me and I am glad the referrals I made have come to you and so far touch wood seem to be very happy with you!! Which I knew anyway! But I’m glad it’s been making a difference no matter how big or small. As for myself – after seeing you I tried to do things myself with the things we went through and whilst it was a long journey it most certainly helped me. I have become much stronger and positive but also channeled into my own spiritual side which has allowed me to learn about crystal healing. So I now make crystal healing jewellery alongside the energy healing studies. You were the first person I came to when I was in such a difficult time and that’s why recently when people have asked how or what I did to come through everything – I have obviously told them that you ignited the change. So from my heart – much much thanks to you!!! I will certainly do a review for you and I hope all is well and you continue to be successful!With love A

I have been suffering from anxiety for the past 3 years and I was ready to give up as the symptoms kept reappearing. I could never understand why I had suddenly became a panicky and a pessimistic person. Due to my frequent visits to the GP about my anxiety, I was told to go on a course of anti-depressants, however I was adamant to try other means before taking medication. Within my first few sessions of counselling with Vanessa, I was already noticing a positive change in myself and an improvement in my confidence. At times it felt like I was improving at a much slower pace and often ended up talking about failures that I was experiencing. If it wasn’t for Vanessa’s patience and knowledge in explaining how our mind works, I would have most likely gone back to old habits of negative thinking. Since starting my counselling, I am feeling excited about facing new challenges and striving for higher goals without questioning myself. Achieving what I have so far seemed like the impossible a few months ago but I am glad to have come across a therapist that has simplified the process and made it seem achievable. Once again, thank you for all your help and support Vanessa!  Annoymous (2019)

I feel very grateful to have crossed path with Vanessa, I have seen her regularly for the last 4 to 5 months and to me she is a highly qualified therapist. She is  authentic and easy to open up to as well as very knowledgeable of the different conventional and holistic therapies and tools to help you grow as a person and transform your negative patterns to reach a positive outlook in life. She was also always available for me during our sessions and outside when I needed this extra support. She certainly helped me to be more kind with myself and clear some of my negative patterns and lack of self-worth.  I am finally thankful to her as she also helped me get a new job, negotiate a double digit salary increase and helped me approach relationships in a different manner.

I highly recommend her to anybody needing to find a safe and open space to express themselves, find a warm and professional support and efficient exercises to progressively set free from their negative patterns and other personal issues. Research Development Manager HL (2018)

Thank you for managing my son’s anger, agitation, lack of focus, and mood swings during this difficult time he’s been going through. We have put into practice the tips and techniques you have suggested which continuously supports and benefits him. We have not had an episode since. NP (2018)

Thank you for treating me and helping me gain confidence and resilience to pass the pharmacy registration exams. KP (2018)

I have been a long term client of Vanessa’s since 2010. Over this time I have had various different challenges especially around career which Vanessa has helped me through:
•getting a new job while in a extremely difficult situation in the current job (medical leave, laid off, etc)
•increasing salary by double digits
•breaking thru’ to ‘attract’ healthy relationships with bosses
•training the mind to develop deep faith / certainty / happiness during the above process (not merely when you achieve the end result) Partner at a $2.5bn global company (2017)

I found the sessions very helpful in understanding myself and how past experiences have affected me. I also found that I changed my behaviour without realising, taking care of myself and putting myself first for the first time probably on my life. I felt that I was made to feel as though our sessions were a safe space where I could open up, be listened to and always felt understood. Admin (2017)

I have had sessions with Vanessa for two years. In this time, a new way of living has opened up to me. It ranges from how to work with the subconscious to how to handle everyday & important situations. Through the sessions, personalised recordings and ad-hoc conversations I have started to grasp and grasped the power of being positive, visualising & affirming your dream, being calm and at peace. And, I am implementing it in my life. I have also gained tremendously through Vanessa’s insights on conversations in the office place and salary negotiations, etc. Business to Business Consultant (2016)

I spent an afternoon with Vanessa and she took me through a therapy technique to help me with a weight problem I had all my life.
This was a very different type of therapy where you had to look into a mirror and speak out your beliefs about yourself e.g. “I hate my body”, “I will never lose weight”. You had to repeat this to yourself over and over whilst looking into your own eyes. Vanessa then repeated what I was saying and reminding me to recall past attempts and what others and myself said to me whilst I continued to affirm my beliefs. I had tried a similar technique years ago, instead saying the opposite kind of thing like “you CAN lose weight”. This did not work even though I truly believed it could. At the time I found it very difficult to even look at myself in the mirror. After the exercise I felt quite drained but positive.
Six weeks before I did this exercise with Vanessa I had begun a low carbohydrate diet. At this stage I had already lost 8lbs in weight. Three weeks after my session with Vanessa I have lost another 7lbs. I am finding my low carbohydrate diet much easier to stick to and I am motivated to walk over an hour each day for exercise. Vanessa says that with this technique I would not need to diet again, and in a way I don’t feel like I am really dieting. I am just making choices about what is good for me to put into my body and what is not, and I feel that I am making healthier choices so much easier than I have ever done. For the first time in many, many years I do not feel like am depriving myself and I feel healthier than I have in a long time. Moana Lee, Surrey (2004)
I consulted Vanessa Emile as a result of embarking on a Life Coaching Course. One of the exercises required by the course was to engage a Life Coach (and preferably more than one) for oneself, partly to gain confidence and insight into my ability to work in such a role, and partly to experience at first hand how to put into practice the new skills that I was acquiring through my studies. I have to admit that I approached this with a considerable amount of scepticism as I have always been self-motivated and self-confident and did not feel myself to be in much need of help!
However, I found the self-examination that I embarked on with Vanessa both enlightening and liberating and enjoyed the experience. My life at present is extremely busy and undergoing considerable change, however I have almost come through this period successfully whilst continuing in good health and good cheer. In the workplace I find myself making decisions and carrying them out before telling my superiors, whereas previously I made decisions and told my superiors my plans before carrying them out. I also find myself not needing to talk through things with friends and instead rely on myself to make the right decision. Coaching with Vanessa has empowered me and brought out the best of me in other relationships too. What I found unique with Vanessa is how she gets to the core of an issue – I would like to learn and instil in my coaching practice. Mary, Buckinghamshire (2004)

Vanessa helped me move on from bereavement and learn life coaching skills. I felt more positive with useful tools to get myself back on course. Even had relief of physical symptoms. Her services are worth marketing. Vernon, Blackfriars (2005)

I have been seeing Vanessa Emile on a weekly basis for over 8 years. I was originally recommended to see Vanessa by a well respected gastroenterologist who diagnosed me with IBS. I can not recommend Vanessa highly enough. Vanessa is very easy to talk to and open up to about personal and work issues. Vanessa worked with me to give me tools and methods to deal with various issues from self esteem to anxiety. I also recommended Vanessa to work with people that I managed at work – young people that were new in to their role and she successfully helped them to perform their roles by helping them to develop confidence, presence and different ways of thinking so that they became the best that they could be.

Vanessa uses different techniques to put you in a deeply relaxed state and works with you to find solutions that really work. I can’t explain how it works – but it just does – it is amazing. I always leave sessions with Vanessa feeling like a different person – with renewed energy, confidence and tools to resolve any issues that are happening.

As a therapist – Vanessa has a great empathy and understanding and is really authentic. Vanessa never rushes you to finish in a certain time. Vanessa is a wonderful person and the most amazing therapist that gets results. I am so glad that she was recommended to me because she is amazing. Thank you. Stacey, Associate Director

I found the sessions very useful. I see a lot of change in me and I am appreciating myself. I see that there are has been significant change in the quality of my work. My self respect has definitely increased. I also saw some physical changes – like the scales (dry itchy, flaxy skin) on my legs have significantly reduced. I will come back and complete the processes as I know there is still some work for us to do from evidence from the little physical symptom that’s remained. IT Developer

I really enjoyed the Tony Robbins experience and wanted to thank you Vanessa for coming into my life when I really needed help, so many of the principles we have been working on we did in the workshop so I am truly grateful for the all the techniques you have taught me.  The only difference with was the opportunity to have total immersion with Tony. With lots of love D, Pharmacist

Hello Vanessa, you saw my son for a few sessions over the summer. He has since gone back to school, and the results from his school work have shown remarkable change.  Monthly test results even in his weak subject is scoring high %.  He is more motivated and looks forward to going to school.  His teachers have remarked on his progress, and have seen a real change and on his behaviour as we have also seen at home.  They have asked me to keep up with whatever I am doing! We did not tell the school that we were seeing you over the holidays and this is one of the main reason for coming to see you because you did not need to inform or liaise with the school and would see him without communicating with them. Confidentiality is really important for us as I am sure for other parents too. Mum of 12 year old

It is not often you can find a therapist who understands, who doesn’t rush you out when your in a flood of tears and it always happens you get to the most important and crucial point and most therapists throw you out. Vanessa you give a lot and I appreciate the flexibility you have that I can have longer sessions when I need them. Thank you for extending my session at the last minute last week and I wanted to let you know the backache I came with completely eradicated after I left the session, thank you for all your support in changing my life! Fashion Agent

Many thanks for seeing my daughter. At the moment things appear reasonably positive and she seems to have had a more settled week at college whilst still managing to see her old school friends as well. She certainly seems to have lost the panic attacks for the time being and isn’t anxious anymore – a huge relief as you can imagine for us. I am amazed really that she seemed to make changes so quickly.

I deliberately didn’t ask her too much about her session as I just wanted to let it settle on a deeper level with her and I know she can find it hard to articulate everything. At the moment I think she wants to just see if she maintains the progress and then will hopefully come for a couple more sessions if we need to. Mum of 16 year old

Thanks for your email, I have been doing very well, thank you. I’ve been keeping up with my practical exercises and some wonderful things are happening! I quit my awful job as you know and as if by magic, my boss in my other job offered me work on the other days of the week which I had now free! I also had an audition which couldn’t have gone better. The producer said as I left, “you have a great future”. So yes, some absolutely wonderful things happening!

I think at this stage I’m happy to continue using the tools you have taught me and see what other wonderful things life has in store for me. Also, best of all, I believe we’ve had a breakthrough regarding my allergy. I went to stay with my boyfriend’s friends last month and a couple of the rooms in the house had just been painted. I stayed there for two whole days and didn’t have a single reaction! Now I’m not sure what paint they used, but the fear I had that I was going to look like the Elephant Man and the pain has definitely gone. I am still not using the beauty products that have methylisothiazolinone on my skin and hair as it can’t be good for anyone.

So in other words, the reason why I sought help from you in the first place has now been laid to rest. 🙂 I’ll definitely be in touch if I feel I need another session in the future. Thank you so much for all of your hard work in helping me overcome the issues surrounding my allergy. It’s great to be free of the fear and the other wonderful jobs on offers I have been getting! Many thanks. L, Actress, London

Vanessa is the amazing coach and therapists I have known for the past 10 years. I was originally introduced to Vanessa through my gastroenterologist Dr Thillainayagam for IBS and I have continued to see on a weekly basis to address many areas of my life.  I can not recommend Vanessa highly enough. Stacey, London

I saw Vanessa through the Terrence Higgins Trust for 12 sessions of therapy.  Three years later, I had become an emotional mess, taking drugs and unhealthy risks having to deal with a complex business relationship breakdown.  Vanessa changed my life before and I knew she could help me change it again. It was a relief to know she was still working as a therapist now in private practice. Together with Vanessa’s amazing insight and understanding of the business world and the strategies at play, she helped me successfully win the case against my partners – I have come out of the business stronger in everyway – I totally endorse Vanessa to anyone that is going through hell at work or with a relationship, see Vanessa she is excellent in what she does and gets fast results. Nigel, London 

I was unable to have sex with my partner for several years and I saw many professionals, medical consultants and therapists, including having a CT brain scan – all with nothing wrong with me!  The Viagra didn’t work anymore and I started to get side effects.  My GP, Dr Siraj reinforced there was nothing wrong with me and recommended Vanessa.  I was skeptical at first knowing I have been to the best of the best and was convinced I couldn’t be helped.  Dr Siraj suggested I had nothing to lose, Vanessa would come to a location that suited me.  Within six sessions I got my sex life and confidence back on track and, got a £60k pay rise at work because I didn’t have the the guts to ask for three years.” I could not believe what Vanessa uncovered was the root cause of my sexual dysfunction in such a short few sessions, when years of specialists could not help me and my marriage that was on the brink of breaking up.  Vanessa is soft, kind in her manners yet you will not get any bullshit from her, she is not judgmental and you can talk to her about anything – if you don’t face it, your not going to change it – call her and find out for yourself.  I have changed, I know myself better too and because of Vanessa a lot of joy and peace is in my life now.  I hope my testimonial helps other people to stop suffering like I had and see Vanessa, she can help you as she’s helped me.  I am also grateful to my GP for trusting her recommendation.  Thank you. Stephen, Finance Director, Dubai

The session I had with Vanessa, I addressed the fact “I didn’t have enough time in the day” always felt time rushing by and not getting enough done or things left uncompleted. This has not been an issue since the session, and just realise I never feel like that anymore and don’t even mention it as I used to constantly worry about time – I had actually forgotten I had this problem at all until Vanessa asked if I would write a testimonial of my experience of therapy with her and realised I actually have plenty of time for everything I need to get done – its like time has expanded miraculously! BR, Business Owner

This is a testimonial for the two sessions of therapy I had with Vanessa. I have been experiencing pain on my right shoulder for a few years. This is exacerbated by my wonderful baby girl “Rottweiler” who is very strong and frequently pulls my arms unexpectedly when she’s excited or when she sees other dogs – as dog lovers will know. This makes my shoulder/arm pain worse whereby I am in a lot of much pain and unable to do any typing, cleaning or heavy lifting with my right arm – even when not using the arms there is always a constant pain. The pain can be severe and had resorted to using my left arm. After the first session with Vanessa my arm/shoulder pain had completely gone and I have been doing every day activities as normal including still walking my baby girl three times a day! Khaleena, Dog Lover

I came with a lot of anxieties and fear of everything in my life. I came to a point I had stopped seeing all my friends, family and most days didn’t even wake up the whole day. You were my last straw in my attempt to stop this feeling of hopelessness. When people told me about their depression I wasn’t able to understand what they meant. Having now gone through this myself and overcoming it with your help Vanessa I would not know how debilitating depression and anxieties can be and has been for the past six years. You have given me hope, and freedom of almost all my symptoms of depression and anxieties. I am laughing at least once a day without having to try. You have given me many tools and always said not to add to the stress, do what I can and not to worry if I didn’t – this was so empowering and a such a relief – I have been able to release and overcome many guilty feelings and stopped doing things that made me feel guilty, resentful and angry even. Guilt used to control my life – it’s such a wonderful feeling to be free. If anyone is suffering from depression and anxieties, know that its not an easy process to overcome it, and no short cuts, but its worth it – its liberating and I can actually smell the roses and enjoy my garden again. Thank you Vanessa. Caroline, Retired Director