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Career Counselling


Are you doing what you most desire or Are you still looking for that special purpose in your life?


Career counselling can help you discover your purpose in life, the type of work you’re best suited for and give you the support you need to develop achievable plans in getting your dream job.


By using NLP and coaching techniques, I can help you to enhance your skills, develop your confidence and maximise your chances – whether you’re looking for a new job, or to improve your current position. If needed, I can assist you in changing or modifying your thinking patterns, body language and behaviour to bring about the changes you’re looking for.


If you’ve recently been promoted into a management or leadership position, I can help you build your confidence and establish your presence, by offering guidance in management issues and relationship skills.


Career counselling can effectively solve work related problems and issues.


If you’re experiencing difficulties at work, I can help you with:


  • achieving a better work/life balance
  • get the job you really want
  • and earn the money you deserve
  • bullying and harassment
  • difficulties communicating in groups or making a presentation
  • feeling you are a ‘fake’ or ‘imposter’ in your job
  • losing confidence and self-esteem
  • work stress and pressure
  • anger management and conflict resolution
  • experiencing burn out and physical illness
  • better time management and decision making
  • unblocking your creativity
  • and so much more


Whatever the issue you’re having with your career or workplace, I can help. Give me a call to find out more - 07985 387 021


"I just wanted to say a big thank you to you for helping make this happen - you gave me the confidence to do so many thanks - it reminded me of my self-wroth despite all the horribe things going on at work, the confidence to ask for my ideal sary when agents were literally telling me to get £50k would be impossible. I got £55 plus bonus".

- AD, Finance, London





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