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Depression can affect anyone regardless of their age, race, religion or social and economic status. Actually, the number of people suffering from Depression is increasing, with a current average of 1 in 4 people having the illness. Symptoms vary and can make you feel isolated and alone as the cycle of Depression worsens.


It can feel overwhelming having Depression and difficult to manage alone. So let me help you.


I can help you overcome the vicious cycle of Depression through the use of effective therapies such as counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Unlike counselling alone, using a combination of therapies can help you experience immediate change.


If you are experiencing Depression or any of the following symptoms, I can help you.


  • feeling anxious
  • changes in sleeping and eating patterns
  • breathing difficulties such as rapid or shallow breathing
  • panic attacks
  • feelings of guilt and worthlessness
  • tired and low in energy and motivation
  • constant worrying and unable to shut off the mind
  • persistent thoughts of sadness, fear, death or suicide


How can therapy help me with my Depression?


How much work you do is under your control. You will be given exercises and tools to use between each session, and if a type of therapy isn’t for you, we’ll find the right techniques that will help.


If you’re coming off medication or planning to stop your anti-depressants, I can support you by working with your doctors’ recommendations to help manage any withdrawal symptoms you may experience. 


"Hi Vanessa, I am so greatful I found you as a therapist... I really feel so much better when we talk and more positive about things... And considering how down I have been and immensely sad... Your sessions have really helped overcome them and made me think and feel more positively." 

- AD -Accountant , UK


I will help you overcome the root cause of your Depression and any fears that it may return in the future.


Call me in confidence today on 07985 387 021 to find out more and arrange your first session.




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