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Low Self-Esteem


Low self-esteem can be debilitating in many aspects of our lives and can impact on a large part of our personality and individuality. Do you find that low self-esteem is holding you back from moving forward in your life, work or personal relationships?


Almost everyone experiences a lack of self-esteem and confidence

at some stage in their lives.


People suffering from low self-esteem often feel hidden from the world as there is a part of themselves that they feel unable to share. It can be lonely from the outside looking in and, sometimes, being perceived as someone or something you’re not.


Low self-esteem can affect you through physical, emotional and psychological symptoms. This can range from depression, sleepless nights, changes to eating patterns, and many more. Not everyone experiences low self-esteem all of the time – it’s often situational based.


I will work with you by exploring how your low self-esteem manifests itself and then work towards removing it, and stopping your symptoms.


I’ve found that the most effective treatment for low self-esteem is an integrative approach using Hypnotherapy and Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). Counselling may be used when the low self-esteem is associated to a past event or trauma.


"Hello Vanessa, I feel so much calmer this week after our session.  My arm no longer hurts.  I think accupuncture also helped.  Doing my affirmations and not getting stressed despite all the work.  I can no longer worry about what others are thinking.  I am so greatful I have you as my therapist!"

- AD, Account Manager, UK


"I am immensely grateful for the help you gave me during the year.  I am definitely not the same I used to be.  You not only helped me solve my problems, but you also gave me the tools to live a happy and a balanced life.  I wish you all the very best..."

- MxB, Designer, UK


You don’t have to hide away from the world because there are many ways to change and we can discuss what would best help you build your confidence and self esteem.  You can call 07985 387 021 or email me anytime.





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