I really enjoyed our walking therapy, Vanessa.  It was energising and somewhat different and unique to the usual ‘at home’ sessions.  I would recommend to people try switching between sedentary and walking therapy sessions to find out the benefits of both. E- London 

What is Walk & Talk Therapy?

Walk and Talk  Therapy is for the Mind and Body that started in New York over 20 years ago.  It slowly started to take off in the City of London saving client’s travel time to and from their therapist’s office and the opportunity to leave the office where else they would not do so.  Walk and Talk Therapy is held outdoors and combines two very powerful health benefits of walking and talking with a professional.

It allows busy professionals and those that are unable to make time to get out of their home and offices to meet their counsellor and coach in the fresh open space and get some air, unwind, unload, exploring solutions by providing the support you need for your mental, emotional and physical well-being.

With COVID-19 lock-down many clients were unable to find privacy as they are working, home-schooling or living in flat -hares.  Clients have confirmed the walk and talk helped them get out of their family home for an hour, and even those clients only having a 4 x 4 room to sleep, eat and work in had lost the motivation to go out, worked longer hours than they had done before further added to the challenges they experienced getting out with a professional helped immensely knowing their therapist and coach walked with them.

After a series of very helpful Face-Time sessions, and having mentioned feeling trapped inside the house during lock-down while working from home, Vanessa suggested we try a ‘walk and talk’ session where we took the conversation over the phone and both walked out of the door. I found this really invigorating and actually noticed that I was able to think more clearly and naturally, almost being less ‘on the spot’ than a regular Face-Time session. I would definitely recommend the opportunity to others, and will look to include these sessions in my remaining block of therapy! IP – London

What are the Benefits of the Walk and Talk Therapy?

The NHS recommend exercise and talking therapy as the treatment for mental, emotional and psychosomatic health problems.  Stress, worries, fears and trauma are some of the areas talking therapy supports.  More details on talking therapy are on my other pages on this website especially under counselling, please check those out and; we know coaching is beneficial for those wanting to take action, change aspects of their life in both personal and professional find solutions to their problems works effective successful results 

The benefits of exercise and walking we know:

  • Serotonin and Dopamine levels in the body that helps with mental health and reduces the Cortisol levels to de-stress. 
  • Increases Testosterone for hormonal balances.
  • Natural light improves Melatonin levels for better skin.
  • Helps support your metabolism to lose weight and belly fat.
  • Helps improve glucose levels.
  • Sleep better. 

When we regularly exercise and even a 30 minutes brisk walk helps us to feel better, more energised and motivated.

These are some of the main reason I started to offer walk and talk therapy as it is an ideal way of getting the benefits of both mind and body wellness at the same time for both client and practitioner.

Where do the Walk and Talk Therapy Take Place?

The therapist-coach meet locally near the client’s office or home and walk around parks, water-ways or the surrounding streets and return back to the same place.

Sessions can now take place over the phone which makes it easier for both client and professionals to have sessions from anywhere in the world and walk and talk together.  The client can choose what pace they want to walk and where and how far they want to walk as does the therapist.  

Can Walk & Talk Therapy be Interchanged to Attending the Practice?

Yes absolutely, it would be at the client’s decision how they wish to hold their sessions.  The benefits of attending your coach-therapist practice offer a contained environment especially being weatherproof. 

Book a Walk and Talk Session with Vanessa

Or to find out more, or you have questions about Walk and Talk therapy and coaching you can book a session by email or call 07985 387 021.

My energy levels increased with the Walk and Talk Therapy with Vanessa and getting better each week.  More motivated and productive at work and handle difficult tasks without avoiding them when I return from the sessions – definitely worth doing. – David, Solicitor