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Strictly Confidential Counselling and Therapy for Individuals, Couples and Children based in North West London and in

the City of London, Liverpool Street or by Phone,

FaceTime or Skype.


If you had the power to change anything in your life – what would it be?               




Hello and a very warm welcome to you. 


My name is Vanessa Emile. I'm an Accredited BACP Integrative Counselling Psychotherapist, NLP Practitioner Coach. 


I am also registered with the United Kingdom Register of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (UKRCP).

Based in Brent, North West London and the City of London, Liverpool Street. I work as a therapist one-to-one with adults and children who are struggling with challenges in life, or experiencing physical and emotional health problems.


I integrate both traditional and modern thereaputic psychological models and processes to support my work to get the 'results' my client's want.  I combine counselling and psychotherapy where needed and include NLP psychology and Coaching skills in my practice.  I further include other holistic techniques and intervensions to support the changes my clients experience. The approach makes effective lifestyle changes without the struggles by working on the whole of your ‘self’.  This allows you to take control of your life, body and mind. You can expect to experience mental, emotional, physical and life changes in a short space of time.


I work with the subconscious mind, as I believe our subconscious governs every experience we have - our thoughts, feelings, behaviours and situations in life. Understanding and taking control of this aspect of your mind enables you to overcome any difficulties, and empowers you to remove, change, or create what you want in life.


Long lasting results are experienced weekly and arrive much faster than by using  traditional therapies alone.


“When I first approached Vanessa for therapy I was sceptical especially about the NLP. After working with Vanessa and clearing past traumas I have finally been able to see clearly how these traumas have affected my life emotionally, physically, mentally. I am now able to deal with anything that comes my way, protecting myself everyday. Vanessa is a non judgemental therapist that you can talk frankly to. Vanessa will always try and help you to find the best solutions to your problems. I have gained so much from our sessions and always left feeling really listened to.  Thank you for all your help, support and care.  Vanessa!"

- Diane, Teacher, UK


VANESSA, TODAY HAS BEEN AN AMAZING DAY!!! Haven't bitten my nails or picked at skin yesterday and today.  There have been temptations but must less and resisted comfortably too!  THANK YOU.  (Feedback 3 weeks later) .... Also for the first time since I think maybe high school or primary school, I have nails!!!  Amazing. 

- App Developer / Business Entrepreneur, London


If you are considering help to change or make you more successful or happier with something in your life, I am available to speak initially on the phone or Skype to see how I can help with no obligations. 

To arrange a convenient time please call or text 07985 387021 or you are very welcome to email anytime for more information. 

I look forward to hearing from you.








MBACP Accredited Counselling and Therapy in the City of London and North West London

NLP Coach in the City of London and North West London

Hypnotherapy in the City of London and North West London

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