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What is Money Therapy?

Money Therapy is Wealth Counselling.  To have a  loving relationship with money.

Why Have Money Therapy?

We have therapy for psychological issues related to relationships, sexual health, abuse, trauma, bullying, work and professional related problems and the mental, emotional issues and stresses so why not have money therapy.  Society has moved on from swapping goods and services to money. 

Money is essential and an integral part of our life, health and wellbeing and it deserves to pay some serious attention to.  Money is like the breath we take, the water we drink without it we won’t survive for very long or live a very unhappy life. Its a major cause of heartache, deep pain, sorry and frustrations for a lot of people whether you have immense wealth or just struggling to get by.

Money Therapy stemmed from my personal and complex experience and restrictions of wealth in my life.  I experienced confusion, power, control and anger towards unfavourable decisions that caused discord and injustice in my family.  I experienced first hand the psychological issues that caused me and my siblings at times to deep depression.  So I decided to support people with money problems and all that goes in-between money issues brings or take away in our life with a global client base from all walks of life liberating their financial blocks and obstacles and emotional limitations to live a happier life.

Who is Money Therapy For?

Money Therapy is for individuals, couples and families to clarify their needs, build trust and confidence and turn dreams into reality.  

I work with people born to money, have old money and those with new money.  High-end net worth individuals and those inheritors and people who don’t have much or are in debt and those who want to take more risk and make more money.

I also work with people self-made and worked for their money and those that want to change their financial circumstances and limitations in their life.

How Does Money Therapy Work?

Money Therapy uses a combination of counselling-psychotherapy and coaching to move you to financial happiness even if money doesn’t make you happy it gives you freedom of choice and peace of mind.

  • clarify what you want
  • strengthen your belief
  • deserve what you want
  • value what you have
  • Enjoy the money

Money therapy focuses on helping my clients with mental, emotional and or spiritual issues whether they are inherited rich, worked to be rich, want to be rich, you have enough and those struggling to make ends meet.  But in common everyone wants more money even if you have a lot of money.

Lack of money or having too much both have their own sets of struggles and stresses, conflicts and challenges.  Money affects relationships with family, partner and siblings and a major factor in people’s unhappiness and health problems.

The number one concern people tend to have is money closely followed by sex.  Most of the other problems people have are in some way connected to the lack or fear of money.  Money affects us all in different ways and almost all relationship break-downs because of money, work problems occur because of money, health problems are caused because of money.  Having too much or too little money is a major cause of depression, anxieties, worries, fears, dependency, backaches,  heart-attacks, and even suicide.

We know for fact money does not make us “happy”, but money can help and support us to live a better life. The money would make most people “happier” when you can pay your bills and have money for the things you want and the lifestyle you seek becomes possible, would you not be happier, freer and healthier a lot more than not having the money you want?

Most people are disillusioned about money, the nature of money, how to get money, and how to how to keep it flowing and growing. Have you wondered why only 8 of the world’s richest billionaires have the same wealth as 50% of the global population?   This does not mean they do not have financial problems and fears and other stresses or are happy.  Everyone needs support and someone to talk through and can trust and feel safe in opening up sometimes for the first time to talk about money.

My parents gave a large sum of money to my sister for her 30th.  When it came to me my parents avoided communication.  I felt hurt and enraged without knowing why they would do that even though favouritism was always underlying in my sisters favour?  Before coming to Vanessa I felt my relationshp would have collapsed with family siding against me.  She  helped to resolve my fears and helped through this very difficult  time.  Liz, Inherited Wealth

Areas of Wealth Expertise

  • Conflicting family and cultural financial attitudes and decisions
  • Conflicts between lending and borrowing to friends and family
  • Financial disputes and disagreements
  • Fear and distrust in relationships and talking about money
  • Fear and guilt stop you from asking for a pay rise, changing your job or taking the next financial risk
  • Fear of making poor financial decisions and investments
  • Have friends and social life just because of your wealth
  • Hiding your wealth
  • Increase your financial freedom, personal growth and purpose
  • Inequality among family members
  • Inherited personal challenges for heirs and benefactors
  • Interpersonal relationship issues experiencing
  • Jealousy
  • Living up to other’s values
  • Living beyond your means
  • Meeting expectations, judgements and wanting to fit in
  • Money affecting the relationship, marriage and divorce
  • Not worthy, shame and Guilt having too much and not having enough
  • The pressure to engage in activities and social life
  • Repeating money patterns and generations behaviours
  • Secrecy around personal finances
  • Shame not having enough money or have too much
  • Struggling to make ends meet
  • Teaching children financial values
  • To have or not to have a pre-nuptial agreements
  • Wealth related family conflicts and afflictions over money
  • Wealthy partners holding on to loveless relationships
  • Worked hard to earn and achieve the financial wealth yet unable to enjoy life
  • Worried about giving too much or too little to your children
  • Worry about the source of one’s wealth
  • Co-dependency and control by money
  • Why you don’t have enough at the end of the month even though you earn a lot of money.

Money Therapy may further include:

  • Undoing the teachings of our forefathers, teachers, and religious doctrines we have received since the beginning of time that has made it their business to create and accept lack of wealth and poverty in return for spiritual favours after we pass on.  In the meantime, some people are living heaven-on-earth, whilst many instead experience hell-on-earth.
  • The level of clearing money issues goes deeper than our present circumstances. This is because throughout history money has been used worldwide for destructive, controlling, and evil purposes. Some people carry through their DNA heavy karmic debts that have been left from the war, general greed, and caused harm to self and others.
  • Further eradicating the obstacles to our financial wellbeing is removing or changing the capped unconscious limitations on our financial prosperity and the notion that some individuals’ economic state is limited or flourishes due to the country they come from, their cultural background, or social and environmental experiences.
  • The fourth level of change is with your own self, your current beliefs, and experience in this lifetime that sabotages you.

Since I started my first job I realised I have actually never earned more than £25,000. Since undergoing money therapy my income has tripled with additional passive income from other sources started generating income beyond my expectations.  I would recommend if you like me want more and your stuck in the same income bracket – this is a therapy for you to welcome more money in your life. – Nicola, Sports Coach

What is the Frequency of Money Therapy Sessions?

Initially, most people have weekly sessions.  Once they get to a place where they want to be with their financial situation, this then becomes fortnightly and later as and when needed.

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