I am doing a lot better since our Single Session Therapy. I have been able to put a lot of what we discussed into practice. It’s helped to clarify quickly what was at the root of my situation – thank you Vanessa really worth coming as it was bugging me not knowing the best way to address my situation without the fear of conflicts. – Rachel, Dancer

Vanessa Emile, Counselling-Psychotherapist and Coach

Single Session Therapy (SST)

Demand for one off Single sessions for Counselling and Coaching has increased. Individual who may want to maximise the effect of a therapeutic and coaching encounter to work on an issue, explore a situation or event from the past or current situation arisen effecting ones happiness.

The single session focuses on the purpose and parameters of the outcome client wants to find.  The session is focused on the strengths and resources from clients past attempts and from the professional Coaching and Therapeutic experiences to achieve client results.

With an agreed one off session from the onset you will walk away hopeful with practical solutions and resources you need in confidence.

Sometimes it’s easier to repeat the same patterns of thinking and behaviour, and hope the difficult times will pass by.  Counselling and Psychotherapy offers a safe space for you to find new ways to balance your feelings and identify your needs.

What is SST?

SST stands for Single Session Therapy its aim is to find immediate solution and help to your problem

SST is not a therapeutic approach but it is a mindset.  Help at the point of need is better than the full help much later or before the problem exacerbates out of control.

The SST focuses on one issue to be addressed at a time rather than multiple concerns as these are best dealt with regular therapeutic and coaching sessions rather than a one off single session.

What Type of Issues can SST Address?

Single session therapy can address a wide range of problems, however below is a list of concerns SST is effective in, but not limited to.

  • A persistent and reoccurring issue that keeps coming up for you from the past.
  • A recent problem that has occurred in your personal or professional life.
  • Deal with a difficult person.
  • Confused about what to do about something or someone?
  • Effective for decision making.
  • A place to unwind, clarify and a time for you.

What Will I get from a SST?

  • 90 Minutes SST for Coaching and Therapy
  • Understand your purpose and parameters of your goal and outcome for the session
  • Find solutions
  • Practice, re-frame and implement the new solutions
  • Deal with any last-minute issues
  • Clarify your understanding and takeaways
  • Discuss criteria for further help if required
  • Agree on a follow-up call.

Who can Benefit from SST?

Anyone can benefit from a single session that is looking for a quick solution and peace of mind.  Most effectively used with children.

SST is a brief encounter to use the power of now for a problem you have SST is for you. It is about dealing with a situation you have in your personal or professional life now rather than later.

The additional benefit of SST is about having immediate professional support. You can access a Single Session Therapy within 24 hours or on the same day depending on availabilities and your flexibility.

What is the Aim of SST?

The aim is to leave you confident in the solution you have come to address.

Can I have more than one SST?

You can always book further sessions after your single session therapy. This would change the contractual agreement from a single session to short term therapy from 1-6 sessions or long term from 1-25 plus sessions.

How Do I Book a SST?

By email, text or call 07985 387 021.

The SST was very helpful especially just before going into a major meeting I was able to assert myself and leave my worries and thoughts I made in my head with concrete solutions. The presentation to the board went better than expected. Highly recommend if you are looking for a quick boost of confidence and solution. – Derek Sullivan