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Corporate Mental Health Wellness and Coaching Services

Working with Organisations Large or Small

Through my corporate services, the workplace becomes harmonious which in turn allows employees to perform better therefore yielding greater economic success for the organisation. I provide a range of goal-focused workplace wellness services that reduce absenteeism and create better quality relationships.

COVID-19 Psychological Support to Staff

A lot of people are undergoing extreme mental, emotional and physical health problems due to COVID-19.  Without a healthy mind and body, the detrimental long term effects can have a major impact on staff retention and sick absences.  This is a time companies can wish to offer mental health support to their staff to manage issues arising from the Coronavirus such as:

  • Adapting to working from home and re-adjusting to a return to work.
  • Fear of COVID-19, Covid-19 vaccine, injections, and the fear of the unknown.
  • Managing home-schooling and work.
  • Domestic abuse and marital relationship problems.
  • Post-traumatic disorder.
  • Alcoholism and drug abuse.
  • Suicidal ideations and family loss and grief through suicide
  • Bereavement.
  • Depression and anxieties.
  • Stress and pain management.
  • Isolation and a lack of motivation.
  • 90 Minutes individual Mental Health Assessment.

Benefits of Counselling-Psychotherapy and Coaching to your Employees

The integrative counselling-psychotherapy and coaching I offer are not separate thereby your employees benefit from both services in one for the long term success of your staff’s mental,  emotional and physical health.

Your senior managers can be supported if they are isolated providing a confidential space to discuss personal or corporate issues that may build up high levels of stress and lack of focus. I also support parents and those on long-term sick leave return to work, adjustments to change, redundancy or re-location, and help build confidence in management leadership and presentation skills.

Both physical and mental health is connected to each other and the wellbeing is key to a functioning organisation. My workshops or individual sessions focus on a holistic approach to include achieving a healthy body and mind, increasing productivity and motivation with proven results reducing sick absences, anger management, increase performance and create emotional stability such dealing with bereavement, anxiety and, depression including eating disorders.

I bring counselling-psychotherapy to root out the problem as our past affects our here and now just as our personal and professional life affects each other and vice-versa.  The coaching methods provide effective tools to make a lasting change based on the present and future outcomes you want through adaptation, acceptance and change.

  • Individual online Counselling-Psychotherapy and Coaching can be provided.
  • Online services offered for the team to address group concerns.
  • We can set up a room at your offices, or you can attend my private practice in London.
  • An individual member of staff can be seen privately through your company’s health and wellness programme, invoice the business, or payments made by the individual or their health insurance provider.

Corporate Workshops

The programmes for corporate talks and workshops are individually tailored to specific requirements from team building to confidence in the workplace.  These are tailored to address specific areas of mental, emotional and physical issues related in the workplace.

In addition, I offer two very potent talks on:

  • The effects of office gossip.
  • The unconscious effects of bullying in the workplace.
  • The silent suffering of the Imposter Syndrome.

Health and Wellness Days

I am available to attend employee health and wellness days.

Mental Health Links

Here are some links to organisations reporting on the benefits of providing wellness support in the workplace:

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