Powerful and Dynamic Combination of Counselling, Psychotherapy, NLP Coaching and Therapy in London

Choosing the right type of counselling, psychotherapy or NLP coaching practitioner for you can be a daunting prospect. Each therapeutic approach has its unique ways to move your life in a more satisfying and positive way. I believe no one fixed method is the only method, ‘everyone is unique and everyone requires their own solutions’.

Counselling and psychotherapy explore issues that worry you and helps you to find ways to move forward from anxiety and depression from the past. It allows you to find ways to release and find acceptance of what happened, help you clarify what is overwhelming and understandably a difficult time in your life.

NLP coaching offers a wide range of tools taking you away from the past, focusing on your present and creating what you want in the future. NLP Coaching gives you practical techniques and strategies to build your confidence and relationship in both your personal and professional life as well as overcome self-sabotage. Combined with NLP-Hypnotherapy, you will conquer limitations and find strategies to actually experience results.

If you have found my website it may be because you are experiencing difficulties in your life or that you know someone who is going through some challenges right now. My name is Vanessa Emile and I'm here to help you and provide support. I am a therapist near you if not geographically, then online I am just call away and can help you through wide ranging issues from marriage counselling to suicidal ideations and thoughts for people of all ages including children and young people. The sessions can help give you clarity and overcome painful experiences by assisting you to find direction and solutions that will allow you to move forward with lasting results.

Counselling, Psychotherapy, NLP Coaching and Therapy is goal-focused, measurable and adapted to your individual needs. Achieving your aspirations by bringing you realistic solutions to change, I do not passively listen to my clients instead, I seek to find active methods to provide change.