We form relationship from the day we’re born and they impact on your happiness from the very core of your being. When your relationships are going well, you feel great; but when they aren’t you’re often sent into heartbreak and despair. The relationships you form aren’t just with your spouse or partner, they’re with your children, parents, other family members, work colleagues and friends.


When we experience problems within our relationships we try to rationalise our feelings and often end up feeling hurt, unheard, angry, guilty and even resentful.


Here’s some areas I work on with clients coming to me for relationship counselling:
  • being in an abusive or violent relationship
  • experiencing separation, break up, divorce, or bereavement
  • jealousy within a relationship
  • having an affair or getting over an affair
  • living with the trauma from a past relationship
  • problems with sexual relationships
  • difficulties with children, siblings, parents and work colleagues


How can I help?

You’ll enter a confidential relationship with me for individual or couples counselling. I will use a combination of therapies which might include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Attachment and Developmental theory, NLP and coaching techniques. These methods can help you to change the patterns of relationship breakdowns by resolving the past, helping you heal emotionally, and maintain great relationships in the future.
I take a practical and solution based approach to relationship problems that will help you to take control of your life. So if you’re feeling emotionally overwhelmed or experience difficulties with someone in your life, therapy will give you the space you need to deal with your problems and benefit from the results.

If you’re wanting to change your relationship for the better then work with me for therapy that delivers the results you’re looking for.