We have already started to unfold another year with a clean slate to write our story.  2018 has flown by just as quickly as it had come; time is something we can’t get back once it’s spent even though many people spend a lifetime thinking of the past regrets, guilt and the wrongs in our life – and all that we lack.

As with all good intentions and plans of new hopes and dreams to fulfil in 2019, it’s important to gather up your strengths and power by making this year a year of ‘forgiveness’ starting with yourself with your faults, your warts and all that puts you down.  It’s not going to be an easy journey of forgiveness and it’s not that you forget or by forgiving you become an easy target for those that have hurt or wounded you but you can forgive yourself for doing the same to yourself and holding yourself back.  Since having a wonderful long break and celebrations have come to an end, it’s time to put the tinsel away. With the long break many of my friends, family and clients have reflected and took stock of their emotions and displeasures with a fresh perspective, and all with the question in the back of their minds: ‘will I be able to sustain this feel good factor; am I being selfish?’.

Even when saying or questioning yourself in that way, it’s important to forgive yourself.  It’s recognising that you are putting pressure on yourself to achieve something or be someone. Yes, you may relapse or be selfish – stop. Start with forgiving yourself here and now for even thinking that. Yes, you may not please someone else and yes, you may be selfish but the pressure to be perfect eases by taking each day, each moment with your thoughts and feelings in check.  A wonderful affirmation and mantra inspired by a Hawiian ho’oponopono healing process of reconciliation and forgiveness is ‘I am sorry, please forgive me, and thank you’. By repeating the affirmation with the aim of any ailments, disease or simply a worrying, negative thoughts of the past, or the future you can heal and you can experience amazing results that will make you feel good.  Please check out the history of this wonderful healing process as researched by Dr Len and Jo Vital.  I have added two links for more information.

I Love You, I’m Sorry, Forgive Me, Thank You Ho’oponopono Healing

Hoʻoponopono Wikipedia

For myself and in my work I tend to change the words to fit the situation and circumstances I need it for, with the essence intact of the ho’opnopono practice by changing the affirmations that helped me work on myself.

The initial process may be a tearjerking experience, but in time it will make you feel good as you let go and start loving yourself.

It is a reminder, that we are not perfect but having a human experience. It is okay to move on, let go and be kind to ourselves first – it’s a start – it’s towards healing and when you’re ready you may want to start forgiving the past, the people, the events and situations that put you into the place you never want to return, repeat or experience.

Any comments or feedback welcome.