Take Control of the Information You Programme in Your Mind

Being hypnotised is not always carried out by a Hypnotherapist or a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner.  Did you know we are constantly hypnotising ourselves through our thoughts, feelings, and emotions based on the amount of repetitive information we tell and speak about, hear, see, and feel?  We are further hypnotised by subliminal and direct messages through television, radio, magazines, newspapers, billboards, music, sounds, and even smell.  Wherever we go we are being hypnotised in one way or another to capture all or some of our sensory receptors sending messages to our subconscious mind all of the time.

Because we are all different we don’t fit into one category, we are unique and you will never find someone else like you.  We use different sensory modalities and some of us use all our senses.  Apart from hypnotising ourselves, the Marketing PR world is an expert in hypnotising us without most of us even knowing that they are using hypnotic techniques.    We come in and out of hypnotic states at least several times a day and at night as we sleep.  These states are highly receptive and dependent on what we eat, what we are doing, thinking, experiencing, and on the state of our health and mind.

In 1929 Edward Louis Bernay was an Austrian-American pioneer in public relations.  He used his famous uncle Sigmund Freud, the Austrian neurologist and founder of psychoanalysis to convince the public and the medical industry that smoking was good for them especially for women’s empowerment.  In 2020 we still continue to poison and die from these cigarettes, and women are still undervalued.  This is how powerful marketing PR campaigns use powerful techniques to enter our subconscious mind – this was pure hypnotherapy on the mass public.  So why not believe and control your own mind with the ultimate tool that has been around for over a hundred years directly yourself or through a hypnotherapists or an NLP practitioner to create what you want, or don’t want instead of someone else influencing you otherwise.

You may think you may be out of control with NLP or Hypnotherapy and many people fear coming to a therapist for this exact reason, but this is actually not true.  But what it is; is that it is direct and focused with a practitioner rather than inputting information without awareness or control. It is completely the opposite of being out of control; it in fact gives you control in your life.

Have you seen an advertisement and then went and purchased the item whether you needed it or not?   I had a mother at my daughter’s primary school mentioned that her six-year-old was insisting she gets her a lady shaver.  Enquiring as to why at this age, she wanted a £99 super deluxe smooth shaver.  Mum replied, ‘she saw it in an advert on television’.  Children are a lot quicker to be programmed then adults if you find you have children frequently asking for the latest sweets, toys, phone, trainer or something they want.  It’s worth asking where the information had come from – do they have a choice or have they been hypnotised.

Conventional treatments such as medical intervention, counselling, or coaching don’t always offer the most effective solutions for health issues the life challenges or changes we want to make in our lives for everyone. Hypnotherapy is not just used for mental, emotional, and physical health issues, but has been used in achieving success at work, in sports, relationships, and business since the 18th Century and enhanced by combing NLP for the past 30 years.

We are all different and the way we think, feel, and process a situation, event, and problems and to change varies from person to person for the exact reasons mentioned above.  One thing for sure results guaranteed – wherever your mind goes, you go.

NLP and hypnosis have helped many people overcome issues and success in life and they have made profound changes in their lives and; why not make them in yours? The benefits of working with a practitioner and self-practice in the right way results are achieved.

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