This is the first in a series of 12 weekly tips and suggestions I hope will help motivate you, make you feel better, focus on what’s important to you in your life, and most of all to make you feel GOOD!

For many of my clients when they start to de-clutter their mind, their focus next goes towards de-cluttering their home. Sometimes clients come to have therapy after they have started to de-clutter their home, car or office.

De-cluttering is a therapeutic process in itself as our environment is a reflection of our mind and what’s going on in our lives.  If your home is in chaos you will find your mind is too, and vice-versa.

It does not matter which way you decide to de-clutter. Start therapy to help see what you’re holding onto, or simply to get some clarity. Alternatively, why not start with picking up everything that’s on the floor. As my saying goes: “when you’re down so are your things on the floor”. Otherwise, try tiding a draw in your kitchen, or a small corner in your bedroom. This action alone will immensely benefit you towards feeling good and achieving a goal one step at a time.

A suggested book and You Tube link I recommend to help you get started can be found below.  Or simply call me for assistance with de-cluttering your mind, and organising your home and life.

Marie Kondo, consultant and author of four books written on organising your home, one she’s most known for The Life Changing Magic of  Tidying Up. Her Netflix serious Tidying Up With Marie Kondo and her website can be found at

Another to check out is from Happy DIY Home who have published an updated, comprehensive guide on how to organise your home with KonMarie method checklist.  You can find it here:

Erika Shupe, author of the blog Large Families On Purpose: