Since the Coronavirus, more of my clients have been asking what they can do between sessions when experiencing negative thoughts, low feelings, and encapsulated in uncontrollable fear and anxieties.  I hear many say ‘I can’t control myself’, or ‘I’m unable to sleep at night worrying about my finances and the effects of the Coronavirus on my family, friends and I’.  Some already fear the return of the ‘old life’.  They simply don’t want to go back to the life they had; especially the travel to and fro work as they did before.  What is clear, some people are isolating now even from friends and family and others gripped with loneliness. 

Everyone is in one way or another experiencing loss.  There is a real mix of concerns.  And everyone is having their individual experiences and crises in some way.  It is an important time to talk, talk with friends and family or professional.  We are in such lucky times having computers and mobile phones at the touch of our hands that whatever you are going through you are not alone, and there is a solution.  Our mental health is our wealth.

And so, from the experience of the past here is a simple practical healing tool anyone can do from anywhere, at any time.  It uses the most powerful tool within us, everyone has it.  It’s free and available at all times, it always with us: it is our heart.  We have the healing power in our hearts to heal ourselves and others.  I like to share this exercise with you and would love to know your experiences with it or if you wanted to learn the deeper process of working with your heart I am here for you.

Connecting with Unconditional Love

To do this exercise you must first know what I mean by unconditional love and connect with it.  Close your eyes for a moment.  Take three deep breaths and relax your body and muscles.  Focus on your heart and feel it, imagine a loving light igniting the core of your heart.  Surround your heart with this pure light and love – spread the light and love all around your heart.  Take a moment and feel and bask in that pure conditional love.  Expand this love and make it bigger, stronger, and really feel what that feels like inside of you.  Spend time familiarising yourself with this for as long as you need to.  When you feel you have spent enough time needed to feel unconditional love without doubting it; it’s done.  Once you feel the power of your unconditional love in yourself, you will know exactly what I am talking about.  You will feel an inner love inside of yourself like no other – that is pure unconditional love for yourself.  Now that you are connected to unconditional love, you are now ready to use it.

Blast the Negativity Using Unconditional Love

Next time you are worried, scared, or have any other negative thoughts or feelings locate that emotional.  Connect to the emotion and the physical symptom whether it’s in your stomach or anger in your head or wherever it is.  Bring the symptoms or the emotion or both straight into your heart and embrace it with that same unconditional love you just practised on yourself into your heart.  Take a moment and really capsulate all the feelings, emotions, and physical symptoms into it.  Allow it to dissolve into the love in your heart.  Bring it all into your heart and blast it with your unconditional love – breath – feel what you feel, see what happens in the next few minutes as you dis-empower it with pure unconditional love.

Take a couple of breaths – think of that person, situation, thing, or event that caused you the negative emotions or feelings – check how it feels – if any anger, hurt, fear, etc are there, locate it again in your body and do the exercise again.

Repeat the breaths – check again and do the exercise again if you need to.

By the third round, it is sure to have lost all its power and only love resides.

If not, do get in touch – I will be happy to run through the process with you.