You already know time runs out fast when you’re enjoying yourself and having fun or when you need to do something quickly. On the contrary, if you don’t like doing something time goes very slow or you run out of time and are unable to do what you need.

I have people say they will call back, or we’ll meet up soon but always find themselves – for one reason or another – not having enough time, rushing around, not completing work or catching up with tasks. They then blame not having enough time.

We all know consciously or unconsciously we can make time. We worry about something we are not doing (it’s always in the back of our mind). We have time –much of it is spent on worrying about time – and we know getting things done is a much better feeling, often a relief that makes us wonder why we just didn’t do it earlier.

If you really notice how you manage and what you do with your time, you will find yourself doing exactly what you want to do in the time you have.  We can always find time when we need it or want it.  It’s the initial excuse or the fight with time that causes trouble or problems, so why do we blame time and let ourselves and others down?

If anyone is in this or similar predicaments with time, I would like to recommend that you become friends with your time. Appreciate the time you have. Perceive you have plenty of time. Speak and affirm you have time to do everything you need to. Say your intention out loud: “I have plenty of time for everything I need to do” and let time work for you.

Here are some suggested DON’T’s and Do’s to help you realign with time.


  • Fight with time
  • Speak negatively about time
  • Think negative thoughts about time
  • Stress or blame time


  • Think differently about time
  • Speak positively about time
  • Feel grateful and thank the time you have
  • Write a ‘To Do’ list – track your activities to do, and add to your list a call to your mum, or a friend and catch up. Have a laugh!
  • Create new habits about time
  • And MOST of all enjoy TIME!

From my own experience and from clients I worked with, I have found within just two to three days doing some of the things suggested above is guaranteed to give plenty of time to do all that needed to be done. And have plenty of time for oneself too. Avoiding negatives is key for it to succeed. Don’t think back on what you haven’t had.

For example, if you’re on the phone to someone you’ve been putting off calling don’t say: “Sorry I haven’t called you. I have not had any time.”

Instead, re-phase it to focus on the positives and what you do have: “I have got some time to call” or “I’m just calling you now…”

You create your time; don’t let time run away from or control you.  Embrace time to support you, your work, and your family and friends.  Time causes stress if you allow it to. Instead embrace it with love and you will be relaxed, stress free and no doubt feel GREAT because you have achieved all that you wanted and more. Time is never an issue.

If you would like help or guidance with appreciating and managing your time, please feel free to contact me.