We all love to tell or hear a story, and what better way to do this than by making your own story into a fairy tale.  It will psychologically help you distance you from yourself.  It’s an opportunity to see yourself as a third party. Through all the characters that are in your life, memories, and imagination, we selectively choose to go to the past, present and future we make up. This is a great way to put your life into perspective, teaches us the lessons learned and those we still need to experience. It’s a chance to mentally put your life as you want it to be, rather than the way we have experienced the past which can recall memories that hurt. 

Your fairy tale will be unique to you. Perhaps you can have the wicked step-father, or the unavailable mother unable to love you the way you wanted to be loved, listened to or be heard.  Maybe you had siblings like Cinderella who pulled your hair, took your clothes, or even punched you when your parents weren’t looking and made you not feel good enough.  Turning them into characters can help to heal the wounds that may be hidden deep in the recess of your subconscious mind.  You can change it to how you want it now, you can release the feelings and emotions you may never had the opportunity to express, tell or let out – even if the feelings are years old.  The memories and patterns continue in relationships at home or at work.  Know that with your fairy tale you are the author and editor and you can open and close the chapters just like a book. 

I was given an opportunity in the final year of my counselling-psychotherapy course to write my own fairy tale.  I decided to turn my own story into a movie: adjusting it to a new environment, adapting to change and accepting my past as it was. The lesson I learned was I had choices I can make now – that liberated me to begin anew. 

Writing your own fairy tale or story can be painful, yet psychologically powerful as I experienced for myself; you will feel great because you can always write and re-write your story as many times as you need – you have the power to change the past, live in the present and create a future the way you want it to be. 

The initial writing process can bring many emotions to the surface, and if you need any help with writing your fairy tale or need help when challenges occur do find a therapist you can work with. Or you can always contact me.  If you are unable to come and see me in person, you can still have sessions via Skype, Face Time and phone from anywhere in the world. 

Once you have written your fairy tale I would recommend: 

  • Re-reading your story to yourself and then read it out loud at least two to three times or more 
  • If you feel comfortable read it to someone 

By taking the additional steps mentioned above you will find each time there will be some powerful mental, emotional and psychological shifts taking place. Some can be subtle, and physical benefits can be experienced as well.   

If this week’s Motto helps you in any way, please leave a like, and if you have questions or want me to write on a topic of your interest do leave comment to let me know. Finally, if you would like to share your fairy tale I would love to hear from you.