This week’s Motto is about music and sound and how they can uplift and make us feel good or bring us down, down low enough that it can take a while to recuperate. Sometimes we don’t even know why we feel uplifted and happy or suddenly feel sad and low – sound is constantly all around us. What is known as “white noise” you can never get away from – that is combined sounds of all different frequencies put together including the noises of the earth, air, wind and water.

I had a client three months ago distressed with anxiety that she could not travel on trains anymore. Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) she was able to root out her fear and directly related it to the 9/11 attack when she was on a train at the time in New York.  Now in England, the sound of trains and other subliminal triggers from 9/11 emerged 17 years later, paralysing her from travelling. But just as sound can affect us this way, it can also heighten us to happiness too.

So next time you’re experiencing a down turn of emotions or feel really good and don’t know why – listen out for what your ears may have picked up, hearing is much faster than our sight which could explain how you feel or why your mood changed.

I would like to suggest embracing your home, car, and place of work with good sounds through music you like, and music that will boost your energy.  Many of my clients report by using music and sound they find they can work and concentrate better.

With any of these sounds, you will quickly experience the benefits and will uplift and make you feel good.

Here’s a link to one of my favourite uplifting songs ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams