Every New Year new paradigms appear in many aspects of our lives, and for some people without resistance or hardship. Since 2018 began I have received an influx of clients experiencing unusual nightmares, insomnia and obsessive negative thoughts at night or during early morning they had not experienced as intense, as frequent, or simply not ever before. In addition, some people have also been experiencing unexplainable physical symptoms such as headaches, nausea, bruising, scratches or marks on their body upon waking. At night whilst we sleep we are not in control over our emotions, thoughts and behaviours which makes it difficult to understand why it’s happening. During sleep it has been known that our subconscious continues to work and make sense of, and manage the experiences we have in our lives.

Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

We know from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and other forms of therapy how our thoughts have a direct impact on our mental, emotional and physical self. The likes of some of the recent spiritual teachers of the world such as Wayne Dwyer, Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra and many others hold the belief: ‘what we think, and believe is what manifests, and it is what our reality becomes’. With this in mind, on a conscious level we can control, change and even eliminate our negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours.
Last year I saw many people embody the self to bring out the best in them with integrity by expressing their positive frequency at a deeper level than just the emotional and physical self. It went beyond energetically and spiritually in form. For this reason a lot of people experience the full capacity to manifest what they truly wanted fast and effortlessly without having to compromise. This was the beginning of a mindset that aligned our conscious aspirations to the direct manifestation of our physical reality.

On many levels when we are in our waking state, consciously choosing what to think and what to feel at any given time, we can choose what to devote our attention and energy to. Yet whilst we sleep we cannot manage this aspect. We then experience nightmares, unexplainable dreams, obsessive negative thoughts and fears, and different situations and events reoccurring one after another such as bodily aches and pains and other symptoms, as mentioned above, including: waking up highly sensitive, lacking energy and motivation, saying ‘I have done so much work on myself, why is this happening now?’

People that know me will know that my belief on the ‘Subconscious Mind’ is that without working with your subconscious and aligning this major aspect of yourself, no matter what you do consciously, the unconscious never rests. You can’t hide from the subconscious whether you are sleeping or taking medication. Without aligning the conscious mind with the unconscious, the symptoms at night highlights the fact that the underlying issues still need addressing and it will always find a way to show itself.

However, different people will experience different symptoms, showing the power of the mind is what controls our lives. Many people take sleeping tablets, anti-depressants or self-treat through addictions but soon find themselves having to increase the dosage and habits because the problem persists. It will not disappear on its own nor with medication. The effects are a temporary relief and not a cure – even if you’re consciously embedding positive suggestions and affirmations, or changing environment and achieving your goals. The fact remains you can’t just put a plaster over it.

So what do we do when it is happening at night? When we are unconscious and unable to control what we experience whilst we sleep?

There are tried and tested methods of therapy including meditation, hypnotherapy, and NLP that have been known to bring stillness and solutions to our unconscious disharmony. Or there is the traditional method of Carl Jung’s dream analysis which is a much slower traditional process of under-pinning the root cause of the unconscious mind’s struggles. These techniques allow you to integrate the conscious desires to your subconscious mind. Working with this aspect of our minds is not a quick-fix for some people because it can bring up painful memories of the past (even that of our ancestors that have passed on that still continue to affect us through our DNA and genes) and in other instances it is like peeling onion layers that includes the many unconscious beliefs that are getting in the way during our waking or sleep states. Through these processes it may be highlighted that many of the problems may not even belong to you, but are those of external sources such as someone you know or have spoken too, something you’ve read, watched on TV or saw online. It is important to decipher and clear the clutter of the mind.

If you’re experiencing these or other challenges at night and waking up feeling bad don’t let it continue as it will manifest as other serious health problems or in work and relationship issues.

To work on night trauma I’m offering a 3 hour session to address and rebalance the root cause with one 1 hour follow-up session. For fees or to arrange a pre-confidential call before booking ring 0798 5387021

Disclaimer: The topics covered in these blogs are of my own opinions and views and not those of companies, organisations and clients that I work with.