Phone, Face Time and online sessions available, for individuals and household members.

The coronavirus pandemic is a difficult time for everyone. The longer we are isolated the challenges start to arise.

There is an array of potential physical, emotional, social and financial implications.

It is extremely important to focus on your psychological, emotional and spiritual health – this is where I can help you.

I will support you to use this time positively and productively. I will help you to use this as an opportunity to strengthen your resilience and mental wellbeing.

I also offer support for household members, enabling you to reinforce family bonds (rather than get on each other’s nerves, which can easily happen).

I offer standard one-hour individual consultations, short 30 minute consultations (I recommend 2-3 of these per week during this time) and 90 minute group sessions for household members.

Standard 60 minute £100 (£60 for NHS staff)

Short 30 minute £45 (£30 for NHS staff)

Group 90 minute for household members £150 (£85 for NHS staff)

Free 30 minutes trial session Monday mornings 7am – 9am

Contact me by phone on 07985 387 021 to arrange your first session.